3 Shots is the third album from this New York band in the last three years. The first album, Ride On The Train, was received very well by the critics and the boys were compared with Tom Petty and other big names.

Hollis Brown Gets Loaded, released in 2014, was a tribute to Velvet Underground. Their latest album, 3 Shots, is also a direct hit. They even go back further in rock history than ever before. When listening, we can hear a glimpse of Neil Young and The Who.

Very special is the song Rain Dance, in which the boys were allowed to use a never before released basetrack from Bo Diddley as a base for this new song. The well known, old junglebeat doesn’t appear to feel strange in the hands of frontmen Mike Montali and Jon Bonilla.

Further on the road in Sandy, we hear echo’s of Springsteen soul, the fine ballad Death of an actress, gives us more historical beauty. Next is the rootsrocking duet Highway One, which features Nikki Lane on guest vocals.

The ecelectic choice of music, the mere craftsmanship and the perfect taste of this quintet Hollis Brown, makes 3 Shots being the crown on the steadily growing repertoire of this very great band up till now!

See, Buy, Enjoy!!


Bronnen: Andrew Kesin / www.youtube.com
  • Date November 20, 2015
  • Tags Album

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