Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars

Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars

I thought I would never have the same experience again, waiting so much in anticipation on a new album…

Well it happened last week when I was invited for a listening party of the new Bruce Springsteen album Western Stars.

I have to admit, I didn’t have high hopes ( hey that sounds familiar ) because the first three songs were OK but not so much more than that…

But after the listening session I was completely blown away by the album …it’s an important piece of art..with a wonderful production and meaningful songs…

I didn’t think Springsteen had another great album in him but this one comes very close to my favorite ones ( Darkness, Tunnel, The River ).

It is a fitting piece of music for his moment in time, and mine as well.

The songs deal with the questions we have once you get older and don’t want to resign to a senior citizen life….

Going through a roller coaster of feelings myself these days ( high and low ) this music comes at the right time. It’s a blueprint of many of us are going through and gives you consolation for whatever issue you struggle with.

Musically, it’s a brave record…nothing else Springsteen has done before…the orchestrations are never over the top..they are important to each and every song…they come and go when it’s necessary…

I quote some memorable songtexts to give you an idea of the messages:

It’s the same sad story, love and glory going round and round

I woke up this morning with stones in my mouth

You said those were only the lies you’ve told me

Had enough of heartbreak and pain

I had a little sweet spot for the rain

Left my home left my friends

I didn’t say goodbye

Chasin’ Wild Horses





  • Date June 18, 2019
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