Tom Waits

Tom Waits is in my life for quite a while now … Probably since the 70’s. He first made a couple of jazz albums, singing about the life in the streets and bars of the big cities. His voice is a matter of ‘like’ or ‘don’t like’, very much a gravelled voice, perfect for the music he’s making.

Waits rarely goes on tour because he hates it. But when he does, it’s always something special. Playing in smaller venues or concert halls.

One of his most famous songs Jersey Girl was successfully covered by B. Springsteen.

What does Tom Waits, or what does the music of Tom Waits do with you? I think it’s his ATTITUDE and DOWN-TO-EARTH mindset. And a little bit LIVIN’ ON THE EDGE style.

A great performance at the Letterman show of the song CHICAGO from his last album BAD AS ME

Tom Waits – Chicago (Late Show With David Letterman

  • Date March 11, 2016
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