Music was my first love – Rootz Café / Letter from Leon – Empty-handed

Dear Martin,

Last Saturday we enjoyed Zak Perry and Susan Santos. Musical moments that proved that words and melodies can take you to another dimension.

But sometimes … even music can hardly offer comfort and it feels no ore than an ice-cold embrace.

As we get older, we are increasingly confronted with the darker side of life … illness, misery. It gives a sense of smallness and inability, but also immediately calls for a response. Positive reaction. Continue!

Still, sometimes, you are left empty handed. Like at this moment, now one of my best friends is confronted with a tumor for the third time in 2 years. Malicious. Not operable. Chemo! Life is taken out of your hands.

I’m looking for a mental cure! I want to hear music. Finding comfort in vibrating echoes, jubilant sounds, a warm voice.

I just found it at Snowy White. He settled my soul for a moment. But the title spoke volumes:









  • Date April 22, 2019
  • Tags Editorial