Music was my first love..

Music was my first love….

 Since I was very young I am hooked on Music. I danced as a little baby in front of the radio of my parents, to Elvis, Buddy Holly, and some obscure Dutch singers. I grew up in a very lively neighborhood in Tilburg where my parents had a busy Snack bar with a Jukebox which made get into music more and more.

Thanks to a young guy who worked in the Snack bar I got into the Beatles.He got every year a LP as a present from my parents, and he chose every time a Beatles record…Revolver..Magical Mystery Tour..Sgt Peppers..I was really intrigued by this guy, how much he was into music and especially into one band.

It was also the time I started to listen to the radio…Radio Veronica..Radio Noord-Zee..Radio Luxemburg..and the event of the week was getting a fresh copy of the Top-40 singles chart.



Got my first record player ( it was called “pick-up” ) and started to buy 45’s almost every week. I played the singles of the Top-40 in my bedroom and felt as the King of Music. Being DJ myself!

The first single I bought was no surprise….Hey Jude of the Beatles..The 45’s had a so-called flip side or B-side and Hey Jude had a song called Revolution as flip side.BAM! I was instantly blown away by the sound of this track, the heavy guitars, the distortion, the message of the song.I was born to be wild!

Now music was every where in our place, at home, at school, in the streets and at a lot of parties we organized.I remember that you were either a Beatles fan of a Rolling Stones fan, a soul guy or a blues guy. Funny!

Later on when I went to High School the real thing happened. All my new friends loved music and we started to buy LP’s or 33’s. The school was near the City Centre and we went many times to the Record Stores to listen to records together.

The first LP’s I bought were DEEP PURPLE IN ROCK, a JIMI HENDRIX sampler and ABBEY ROAD of the Beatles.









Buying music never stopped!

Today I feel blessed to love music…my musical taste goes in different directions, from pop to jazz,  from rock to soul, from country to funk.

Music is the red line in my life, comforts me when I need it and brings me back to life when I want it.

The great thing about music as well is to share it with other people. As an unpretentious DJ myself, I know!

So thank you Bruce, Lou, Tom, Paul, John, Neil and all the others for making my life more enjoyable every day and since a very long time!









And now something you all waited for…some of my all-time favorite songs. Enjoy!




  • Date March 27, 2024
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