Concert Hannah Aldridge at Heyhoef Backstage/Tilburg 12.05.2024

And they just keep them coming at Heyhoef Backstage! Another music discovery, this time from Alabama/USA, Ms Hannah Aldridge with her Swedish Band and Jordan Allen Dean.

Hannah gave a very intense performance, full of deep moving songs about her personal life and experiences. Songs from the heart. With fitting music arrangements, sharp, edgy and raw. I had to think about Lucinda Williams…The Cowboy Junkies.. when listening to this band…

An absolute must listen!



  1. You ain’t worth the Fight
  2. Portrait of the Artist as a Middle Aged Man
  3. Strand of Pearls
  4. Razor Wire
  5. Yankee Bank
  6. Parchman
  7. Black and White
  8. Gold Rush
  9. Old Ghost
  10. Howlin’ Bones
  11. Lie like you love me
  12. Some Ghosts dont’ make a sound
  13. Redemption Run
  14. Burning down Birmingham
  15. Storm Windows
  16. Shouldn’t Hurt so Bad

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  • Date May 13, 2024
  • Tags Concert, Headline